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Haine 3

First grade child genius Lawson Hyde has always escaped reality with books. After all, life isn't so great when you have no father, when your being bullied all the time, and a when another child genius in your class upstages you all the time. But that all of that changes when his first loose tooth leads to a series of bizarre events that end with him being turned into a half cow, half human boy and being consequently forced to be best friends with a life-loving and eccentric cavity fairy named Meshech.


April 2nd, 2010, 12:39 am


A Few Words Regarding Hooveboy.

Not really a news post, but its just something I would like to write about Hooveboy.

I got the Idea for Hooveboy in a dream. I dreamt of a little blonde boy that had just got his first loose tooth, but for some reason, the tooth fairy had come before his tooth had fallen out. Some weird looking tooth fairy ( I think it was a schnauzer in a dress) came through his window and said something like " I need a cow tooth" and she... he.... turned him into a cow, pulled out his tooth and turned him back. But for some reason or another, the kid got turned back into a half cow-half human creature. Then I woke up.

From there, I just naturally started to develop a story. The kid eventually became Lawson, and the schnauzer turned into a fox named after the capitol of the Ukraine. Then I started to add characters to the story, and as I did, the story started to write itself down in my brain. From Ophelia and Meshech all the way to Haine, Luci and Abel, all these characters started to take their own place in the story and it eventually became perfect (in my eyes anyway). I hope I can dedicate myself to this story, because as the chapters go on and characters are introduced, you get to see a good message be revealed little by little: having friends isn't a bad thing, and no matter what circumstance you are in, you can learn to live on and accept yourself.

I'm glad I came up with this story, and all the characters that come with it. Read and enjoy.
(yes, and I am perfectly aware that it should be spelled "Hoof"boy (: )


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